I just thought I would allay any fears. For any one who has been following my iPhone App tutorial blogs you may have noticed that there has been an unusual delay in publishing lesson 6. This is because I have been concentrating on creating a more iPhone App specific website whilst writing the next lesson.

The new website www.iphoneappdev.co.uk. will provide a better showcase for our iPhone knowledge and ability. So in future all iPhone blogs will be found on this new site. The iPhone App site has been created as more of a blogging site to allow easier access to the tutorials and other iPhone related blogs.

Soon there will be two more sites available www.androiddev.co.uk to discuss android App development and www.smartphonedev.co.uk to cover the remaining smartphones such as Palm Pre and those running WinCE.. However please be patient as these sites are not available currently and will just redirect you back to this site. As soon as they are available I will let you know.

The iPhone App tutorials, as well as any other iPhone related blogs, will still be accessible from this organise my business site via a link, but this site will now become more of a business website linking our iPhone, Android and other Smartphone sites together.

I hope this doesn’t cause any confusion or issues. Any problems please feel free to contact us at Organise Ltd and we will assist as best we can.