Smartphones are slowly growing, taking more and more of the market share and experts predict that over the next three years this growth will continue. This is partly to do with the fact that smartphones are becoming more and more popular with the average consumer, but also linked to the fact that far more handsets can be easily classified as smart because of their multimedia capabilities. Let`s check out the top smartphones available now and coming to rock 2009`s socks off.

HTC Magic

Google`s Android mobile operating system has been available for a few months now, first taking its baby steps on the G1 exclusive to T-mobile, but there`s a new Android handset on the market known as the HTC Magic. There are several big selling points in the Magic`s arsenal, the most obvious of which is its massive 3.2″ touch sensitive display which means that every aspect of the interface longs to be fiddled with in a most tactile manner. Like all good modern smartphones it has a home screen with customisable widgets so you can put the applications that you deem to be most useful at your instant beck and call, as well as support for Wi-Fi, 3G and HSDPA for high speed internet access wherever you are. On top of the smartphone credentials there`s the 3.2 megapixel camera which is pretty decent thanks to the built in auto focus function and a micro SD memory card slot to expand the memory capacity into double figure gigabytes.

Palm Pre

Palm used to be know for their pocket PCs but since the smartphone has superseded that old kind of tech they`ve had to adapt. The Pre is certainly the smart phone for the discerning business user. With excellent functionality and innovations, like the layered calendars and linked contacts which allow intelligent syncing of everything from Facebook, Google and Outlook working environments, there`s a big emphasis on organisation. It`s compatible with iTunes and Amazon`s MP3 store and offers Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth to make it an all round multimedia powerhouse.

Apple iPhone

The release of the iPhone 3Gs this summer has further cemented Apple`s place at the head of the smartphone market. They hope to sell their millionth iPhone at the end of this quarter and the 3Gs introduces some key changes under the hood. Firstly it offers the latest mobile OS from Apple which adds essentials like being able to copy and paste text from any screen. Next there`s the 3.2 mega pixel camera with much needed video support, coupled with the ability to send multimedia messages, both of which were missing from previous iPhone iterations. Add all of this to the 32GB of on board storage and you`ve got one killer phone that`s just got better. The one area which has taken a bit of a hit is the battery life.
Any one of these phones would be a welcome addition to any businesspersons pocket, with the iPhone in particular balancing functionality and style well.
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