Classroom training scenario for iPhone App TrainingWould you like to learn how to create an iPhone App?
Do you have some previous coding experience?
This blog will consist of a series of diary entries charting my progress as I learn how to create an iPhone App. Why not join me on this journey and see what you can create.

I am not a complete novice to programming having previously written device drivers for a telecommunications company. However writing device drivers in ‘C’ on a Unix platform does not automatically give me the necessary knowledge to code an iPhone application.

I will be starting with the basics of learning Xcode, and how to create an app showing that old favourite “Hello World”. I will (hopefully) be completing my quest by submitting a fully fledged App into the iTunes store. I won’t give the game away now by describing the App. Suffice to say it will be sufficiently complicated and feature rich to force me to learn lots of the aspects of iPhone development. It will also be commercially viable, although it will probably be launched as a free download.

As I progress on this journey I will create diary entries detailing my progress, what I have learn’t and any pitfalls or short cuts I have discovered. I will not be providing the full source code for the complete App but I will provide code snippets to illustrate my findings, so that others can learn from my experience.

I am not expecting everyone following this series to be able to create their own App, but if like me, you are already a little tech savvy, and have some development experience, this should provide you with the necessary knowledge and experience to do just that.

So why not join me on this journey and see what you can create.