For a long time now I have neglected the paper copies of phone directories and local classified guides in favour of the internet. If I want to find the nearest branch of a chain retail store I automatically go online. The classifieds gather dust in the garage somewhere. I have even gone as far as to say if a business isn’t online it is not worth knowing about. I couldn’t even guess at how long it is since I thumbed through a residential phone book. Everyone is either in my contacts on my phone or I can reach them via a contact. I no longer carry around a little address book with names, addresses, numbers and birthday dates. I just reach for my phone.

Do you still regularly buy a newspaper or like me when you want to know the news you look online? Cinema listings, TV guides, horoscopes, all of the little “features” that used to encourage me to buy a paper are all more easily accessible online. Some argue that they still want the traditional paper to touch and feel. But why would I risk getting print on my hands when I can just open a browser? Some argue that there is much more to a newspaper than news and the “features” mentioned above, but is there? aside from adverts of course.

When travelling I no longer

for the businessman/woman or tourist apps – london underground maps, translators, augmented reality proving tour guides, – will this put print/tourguides out of business

maps replacing oss& atlases&satnav but problems with wifi/gsm connection

schools adopting email/text notifications

Will my digital interaction increase as the iPhone and other smartphones continue to improve their features and capabilities? Most definitely. I already read the latest news snippets off my iPhone more regularly than off the internet on my Mac.