west-midlands-mapOn business and social media sites such as Ecademy, LinkedIn and Twitter I often see networking events, conferences and meetings arranged for technology companies and contractors for the London area. Having had some contact with the North West region as well, I am aware of a reasonable number of telecoms companies, large and small, in that area too. But what about here in the Midlands? Is the demographic different here? Are more people employed in roles outside of the technology arena? Is there less interest in technology here?

Living in the West Midlands I am not averse travelling to London, or to the North West, but believe there must be some scope for a meeting of like-minded people locally. If I was to arrange a date, time and venue would you be interested? If it was free so all it cost you was your time, would that appeal? If it was a seminar type meet-up where I discussed smartphones and smartphone App development, would that interest you more? Would you like to learn about a different area of technology, or find others that offer the same services you do? Or would you prefer a social arrangement, to see how it goes? What would it take to get you to attend?

Alternatively have I been living in a bubble? Are there already groups out there that meet regularly? I am not talking about the general networking groups, and business meetings where people from all industries and roles meet. I am talking specifically about IT, hardware, software, firmware, middleware, applications, whatever the layer and discipline is. I am talking about full time employees, individual freelancers, contractors and SME’s.

If you know of meetings that take place already, or would be interested in being at the start of something good, for everyones benefit, add a comment or PM me.